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Subject to the provision of KRGC constitution, every candidate for membership of the company shall be proposed by on e and seconded by another full member or honorary life member of the company both of whom shall have been a full members for not less than three years and to both of whom the candidate shall be personally known provided that a member shall not propose or second more than two applications for membership in one calendar year. Every such application for membership shall be made either in writing (by filling the application form, contact for details) signed by the candidate and by his or her proposer and seconder, or by applying under the categories below to initiate the process.


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    A spouse of a full member may apply to become a member by payment of one-half of the current entrance fee payable by a full member in his / her category of membership. Such a member, upon acceptance, will however be liable to pay annual subscription and other contributions, charges, levies, and enjoy all privileges applicable to a full member in his/ her category of membership.


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    A country member is a member whose place of business and place of residence are so situated that, in the opinion of the Directors, he cannot conveniently make reasonable use of the Club.


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    A temporary member may be proposed by a full member and accepted on the agreement of the Membership & Admissions Committee. Such member will not be liable for an entrance fee but will pay prescribed fees at the current rates applicable, which are posted in the clubhouse. Temporary members may enjoy the privileges of the club, but may not introduce guests, and may not take part in Club competitions.


KES. 298,000

    Full membership is restricted to the members of the Club who have paid in full the entrance fee or installment of entrance fee prescribed at the date of their election.


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