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Kenya Railway Golf Club has a growing membership and today stands at approximately 3000 Members including 2000 Full Members, 600 Lady full and 400 Juniors members.

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    Kenya Railway Golf Club has a growing membership and today stands at approximately 3000 Members including 2000 Full Members, 600 Lady full and 400 Juniors members.

    The Club has an 18 hole Golf Course with other facilities like the Swimming pool and Squash courts. Work is in progress for the latest state of the art Gymnasium and Health Spa which is intended to boost the non-golfing sporting facilities and encourage wider membership usage of the club. We have an effective irrigation system which has helped keep the course in excellent condition. The ladies and gents changing rooms have been extended, renovated and equipped with up to date facilities. A well stocked Golf Shop with golf clubs, sports clothes and other golf merchandise are in place.

    The first site of the Nairobi golf club was not within the boundaries of the preset golf course but was located at or near the junction of mbagathi way and ngong road, close to where a crematorium now stands. A stream that runs along the west side of ngong road formed an integral part of the golf course and is still there today providing irrigation as it did, a night time pasture for numerous grazing animals that included wildebeest and zebra before they headed back towards the sanctuary of the plains beyond the langata road. No surprises then that lions were frequently seen on the links and sometimes leopards.

    The land had originally been allocated to the kings African rifles {K.A.R}- the precursor of the Kenya army - as a camp, and history records that a group of officers took it upon themselves to provide some recreational activity for themselves in the shape of a nine hole golf course. A tiny 'clubhouse' quickly followed but it seems to have been a place to park bicycles more than as a place to socialize during rounds as the building measuring 16 feet by 12 feet was made entirely of corrugated iron and a murram floor. This was the first of the three locations for the clubhouse and the contrast between the first and the third could hardly be more different!

    A book that took a comprehensive look at British East Africa published in 1926 recorded that a fresh and successful attempt had been made in 1906 to establish a golf club and at the beginning of 1908 a committee was formed to lay out a proper course. A nine hole course became fully operational in June of that year. Three classes of membership were available, playing, non-playing and temporary, the last name being allowed to play for three months without payment of an entrance fee was set at rupees 45 and was payable in a lump sum or by three equal monthly installments. The monthly subscription for ordinary playing members living within five miles of Nairobi was rupees 3 and each other playing member, rupees 1 per month. To quote from the book: A good rule is that no members shall buy golf balls from boys, and that a fixed tariff shall be paid by the secretary for all balls found. There is fixed tariff for caddies, viz., 10 cents per nine holes, and caddies must wear club badges.

    When the full compliment of 18 holes was completed some years later, the original nine holes naturally enough was given the soubriquet 'the old nine'. Perhaps by a homesick scot in memory of the old and new courses at St Andrews in Scotland. Several of the fairways crossed and re-crossed the stream, and to give some idea of the layout, the fourth 'brown' - of course there were no 'greens' in those days before piped water- was located very near the club entrance in Mucai Drive.

  • Classes Of Membership

    Subject to the provision of Articles 7 every candidate for membership of the company shall be proposed by on e and seconded by another full member or honorary life member of the company both of whom shall have been a full members for not less than three years and to both of whom the candidate shall be personally known provided that a member shall not propose or second more than two applications for membership in one calendar year.Every such application for membership shall be made in writing (application Form) signed by the candidate and by his or her proposer and seconder.


    Members shall be of various classes of membership herein appearing namely:

    FULL MEMBERS: Full membership is restricted to the members of the Club who have paid in full the entrance fee or installment of entrance fee prescribed at the date of their election.

    TEMPORARY MEMBER: a temporary member may be proposed by a full member and accepted on the agreement of the Membership & Admissions Committee. Such member will not be liable for an entrance fee but will pay prescribed fees at the current rates applicable, which are posted in the clubhouse. Temporary members may enjoy the privileges of the club, but may not introduce guests, and may not take part in Club competitions.

    COUNTRY MEMBER: A country member is a member whose place of business and place of residence are so situated that, in the opinion of the Directors, he cannot conveniently make reasonable use of the Club.

    SPOUSE MEMBER: A spouse of a full member may apply to become a member by payment of one-half of the current entrance fee payable by a full member in his / her category of membership. Such a member, upon acceptance, will however be liable to pay annual subscription and other contributions, charges, levies, and enjoy all privileges applicable to a full member in his/ her category of membership.

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